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The Pride of Taiwan Indigenous, National Chung Cheng University Professor Xin-Zhi Tong Awards National Ten Outstanding Indigenous Youths

To inspire creative thinking and practical skills among students, on
November 23, the National Changhua University of Education (NCUE)
and the Changhua County Industry-Academia Association (AIA) jointly
held the "2023 National University Industry-Academia Innovation
Competition." The competition encouraged teams to showcase
interdisciplinary expertise by developing creative and highly practical
projects. Teams from various universities nationwide participated, with
181 teams making it to the finals. The team from National Chung Cheng
University's (CCU) Mechanical Engineering Department (ME), guided
by Professor Hsiang-Chen Wang won the championship in the "Artificial
Intelligence (AI) and Its Applications" category with their project titled
"Intelligent Optomechatronic Device Integration Lab."
Professor Wang mentioned that the " Intelligent Optomechatronic Device
Integration Lab" team comprised Wei-Yan Zhao, Guan-Lin Wu, Yu-You
Liu, Yi-Jie Chen, and Zhen-Yuan Xie, students from ME. The project
focused on the detection of small circular objects. It could be applied to
fruit inspection in its current developmental stage, such as sorting fruits
based on their shape and size. Originally, the screening need for dried
longan was proposed by a firm, but the module allowed adaptation for
other small fruits, like cherry tomatoes. Due to the high availability of the
equipment in the future, the team received high scores in feasibility
during the competition, ultimately winning the first-place honor.
Professor Wang stated that, to stimulate students' innovative thinking and
the skills of practical applications, he led a technology integration team
with interdisciplinary expertise to make innovative projects that are
creative and highly practical, competing with other universities. In
addition, the competition featured four main themes: "Green Technology,
Mechanical and Automation, Information and Electronics, and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) and Its Applications."
"Through this competition, participants engage in Industry-Academia
innovation, producing sophisticated and practical projects that cater to the
trends in industrial development," said Professor Wang. He also
mentioned that the event aims to achieve the goal of "integrating learning
and applying," hoping that CCU can establish mutually beneficial
cooperation between the university and the industry.

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