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National Chung Cheng University Signed the MOU with Purdue University, Hoping to Nurture Talents in the Smart Manufacturing Field

CCU Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-Tech Innovations
signed a collaboration agreement with Purdue University’s Polytechnic
Institute on the 12th. The director from CCU’s institute, Her-Terng Yau,
signed the contract with Purdue University’s School of Engineering
Technology’s professor. The ceremony also invited CCU’s vice
president, Wen-Kung Chang, to witness this alliance. In the future,
students and researchers from both schools can exchange to the respective
colleges, giving them chances to gather more knowledge and nurture
talented individuals in the smart manufacturing sphere.
“Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute is one of the model schools for
smart manufacturing, while CCU is the leading pioneer among other
universities in Taiwan. Since there is the possibility of CCU becoming
one of Purdue SMIC’s Satellite Campuses, the sentiment carried in this
collaboration is impactful for both schools.” said Director Yau. This
cooperation started a new chapter in the smart manufacturing field and
will open more opportunities for academic communication in the near
Purdue University has nine separate branches in the State of Indiana. Not
only are they equipped with rich and substantial academic resources, they
are also a core member of CESMII in the USA. The inspiration for the
collaboration came to CCU when they realized how Purdue University’s
immense research materials can be of great support for CCU. This
discovery pushed Director Yau, Section Chief Chen and Assistant
Professor Lin to visit Purdue University. During their visit, the professors
initiated the collaboration between both schools, which then contributed
to the signing of the MOU.
CCU Advanced Institute said that in the future, members of both schools
can exchange to the respective colleges freely and further expand their
knowledge on smart manufacturing. They will also work on more
collaboration plans to make the process of trading academic information
easier. Furthermore, the school also wishes to work with businesses, such
as the semiconductor industry, to help nurture even more experts needed
in these spheres.
CCU Advanced Institute also mentioned that the success of the
collaboration is thanks to the institute’s tireless endeavor in accumulating
smart manufacturing technologies. MOU is factual proof of the
importance of establishing international communication and a new
milestone for multinational exchanges among universities. CCU
Advanced Institute has made great progress in founding smart
manufacturing technologies in CCU and has further solidified their stance
as a pioneer in Taiwan.

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