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Celebrating the 34th Anniversary, National Chung Cheng University Honor 12 Outstanding Alumni

Since October, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) had been organizing a series of events in
preparation for the 34th school anniversary, inviting faculty and students to participate in these
activities. The highlight of the celebration were the anniversary sports day and "The 5th Outstanding
Alumni Award Ceremony and School Anniversary Dinner" which took place on the October 28. The
event honored exceptional alumni and held a banquet simultaneously. The dinner also raised millions
of dollars for ongoing scholarships and bursaries to benefit students' education.
With the slogan "Sustainable Intelligence, Dazzling International," this year’s celebration began. The
opening ceremony and creative cheerleading performances held on the comprehensive court in the
stadium, which was different from the past. Dr. Zhang-Hua Fong, CCU President said that, CCU has
a vast campus and is quite comfortable and convenient for exercise. Also, he thanks Minxiong
Wuguwang Temple for donating the land to facilitate the establishment of CCU, and finally wished
all teachers and students exercise caution and good health.
Before the creative cheerleading performance, each college sent a representative department that
brought innovative displays to enter the field, presenting not only chants and dances but also
thoughtfully crafted props to offer blessings for CCU. Among them, the College of Social Sciences
accompanied by pop music, secured the third place with students waving and dancing energetically.
Subsequently, the College of Management and the College of Science utilized a musical backdrop
while students moved their hands in a fun and lively manner, earning both colleges the second place
simultaneously. Finally, the College of Education delivered a spectacular and creatively outstanding
performance, claiming the highest score and winning the first place for the most creative one to enter
the field.
Four outstanding students from the CCU Department of Athletic Sports who won awards at the FISU
World University Games Summer represented the relay of the sacred flame, including a second-year
master’s student Shao-Hsuan Chiu, a senior undergraduate student Yi-hsuan Lo, a second-year
undergraduate student Yu-cheng Kuo, and a freshman Zong-han Yang. CCU stated that besides
achieving the best ever results in the CCU history at the World University Games, these participating
students also excelled in other competitions. Shao-Hsuan Chiu won the gold medal at the 2022
National President’s Cup Taekwondo Championship. Zong-han Yang and Yu-cheng Kuo
respectively clinched the gold medal in recurve mixed team and silver in men’s team at the 2023
National Youth Cup Archery Championships while Yi-hsuan Lo won the compound women’s team
bronze medal at 2023 Asian Archery Championships.
CCU presented that, in conjunction with its 34th anniversary, it hosted "The 5th Outstanding Alumni
Award Ceremony and School Anniversary Dinner", recognizing and awarding the 12 outstanding
alumni. Twelve of them are Po-Chi Wang and Shu-Po Hsu from the CCU Department of
Criminology, Chung-Shu Wang from the CCU Department of Business Administration, Yung-Wei
Ho and Xiu-hua Zhang from the CCU Executive Mater of Business Administration, Fedrick KungChin Lee from the CCU Department of History, Mitch Ming-Chi Chou from the CCU Department of
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chia-Chi Lin from the CCU Department of Law, Tzung-Fang
Guo, from the CCU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Li-Ling Huang from the CCU
Department of Electrical Engineering, Hao Yang from the CCU Department of Graduate Institute of
Political Sciences, Yung-Hsiang Lai from the CCU Department of Mechanical Engineering. At the
venue, in addition to alumni celebrating, the Association of CCU Alumni, Friends of National Chung
Cheng University, and various departments also celebrated together and raised funds more than one
hundred million NTD scholarships.
Arriving at the peak of the school anniversary sports day in the evening, apart from presenting
awards for various competitions and creative cheerleading teams, the school's cheerleading squad
delivered a spectacular performance. Following that, the highly anticipated themed fireworks show
bloomed grandly, blessing CCU to continue ascending towards new heights amidst cheers and

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