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Creating new Breakthroughs in the Silicon Photonics and Electromagnetic Induction Fields, National Chung Cheng University Teams Honored With FutureTech Award From National Science and Technology Council

With collaboration from NSTC, Academia Sinica, Ministry of Education
and Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Taiwan Innotech Expo held in
Future Tech Pavilion welcomes all walks of life from the 12th to 14th.
The exhibition focuses on four main scientific fields: Sustainable green
energy and advanced materials, Electronics and electro–optics, AIoT and
smart application and Precision health. From all 500 outstanding
technologies, CCU Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor
Guo-En Chang and Department of Electrical Engineering Professors
Chia-Chan Chang, Shungfuh Chang, Shih-Cheng Lin and Alan Liu were
all awarded with the FutureTech Award.
The FutureTech Award of 2023 encourages research in spheres that
focuses on the core development of the country, such as: Semiconductor,
Net zero, Precision health and Space technology. The award also
specifically targets innovations that already have an early form or actual
construction and can be utilized in 3 to 5 years. The theme for this year’s
award is “Scientific breakthrough” and “Industry applicability”. The
exhibition is not only for announcing the winners, it is also a platform for
honored inventions to find more future collaborative companies.
CCU Professor Guo-En Chang from DoME presented “the key
innovation in silicon photonics: GeSn laser” to win the award. DoME
faculties said, this innovation is a IV-IV group silicon photonics laser that
is CMOS compatible. They paired cryogenic materials with Ge buffer
layer technique and successfully tore down the physical limitation by
growing direct band gaps with high amounts of Sn on silicon substrates.
Since this invention can be used as the laser light source of silicon
photonics chips, it has enormous applicability in the following fields:
Fiber-optic communication, Biomedical testing, Light Detection and
Ranging, Gas sensing and Quantum computing.
Apart from the DoME Professor’s great success, CCU DoEE Professors
Chia-Chan Chang, Shungfuh Chang, Shih-Cheng Lin and Alan Liu’s
“Eco-friendly reconstructable electromagnetic induction technology” was
also honored with the award. DoEE faculties said, this invention is a new
form of wireless communication. The team utilized radiation’s surface to
greatly reflect electromagnetic waves in the surrounding. By doing so,
they revamped the communication environment and further enhanced the
signal transmission efficiency in specific areas. DoEE also mentioned that
this technology can help strengthen base stations’ function while reducing
carbon emission.
The NSTC said that this year’s Taiwan Innotech Expo’s core value is to
“connect Taiwan with global scientific research”. They displayed
forward-looking technologies that will be of great use for the next 3 to 10
years. This year, they received over 500 submissions from all kinds of
spheres, they then narrowed the number down to 80 to be the key
inventions for the future. The exhibition will also show interdisciplinary
research results from NSTC, Academia Sinica, MoE and MoHW.

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