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National Chung Cheng University Signs MOU with Chiayi National Experimental High School at Chiayi Science Park for Collaborative Education Prosperity

In 2023, construction has commenced within the Chiayi Science Park with the goal of attracting more talent to Chiayi and meeting the challenge of education needs. Chiayi National Experimental High School, which is located within the park, is expected to commence student admissions in August 2024, further addressing this upcoming challenge. On August 9, 2023, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) and Chiayi National Experimental High School signed an MOU. In the foreseeable future, CCU will offer diverse collaborations such as faculty support and elective courses. On the other hand, the children of CCU's faculty members can also have the opportunity to enroll in Chiayi National Experimental High School. Both parties will work together to promote the development of the communities.

Dr. Zhang-Hua Fong, President of CCU, expressed that CCU has abundant educational resources. For instance, it is capable of involving on-campus professors to assist in various aspects of high school education, such as supporting students in science projects, facilitating partnerships with international schools, collaborating on bilingual teaching, providing access to sports facilities, and offering field internships for the College of Education. He is delighted to see such a promising high school emerging in the Chiayi area, and CCU will wholeheartedly support Chiayi National Experimental High School.

"We prioritize science education, seeking truth through science and nurturing global leaders," said Dr. Iris Lin, President of Chiayi National Experimental High School. She explained that the school's vision is represented by five 'I's: International, Inclusive, Innovational, Interdisciplinary, and Intelligent. She emphasized that Chiayi National Experimental High School places a strong emphasis on holistic development and core competency education. The school also enhances education methods and curriculum content in natural sciences, life technology, and practical applications

Chiayi National Experimental High School has announced its admission criteria, primarily prioritizing children within the Science Park and supplemented by the local community. Admissions will be allocated in an 80% Science Park student to 20% local community ratio. To qualify as a Science Park student, individuals must hold memberships with organizations that maintain affiliations with collaborating entities within the Science Park. These organizations include the National Science and Technology Council and its affiliated entities, resident research institutions, Chiayi National Experimental High School faculty members, as well as tertiary institutions and research organizations with established educational collaboration agreements. Additionally, local community students are those who are registered residents of Taibao City, Puzi City, Lioujiao Township, and the Chiayi Industrial Park area.

Dr. Lin stated that CCU plays a pivotal role as a comprehensive university in the southern region of Taiwan. Meanwhile, Chiayi National Experimental High School aims to establish a comprehensive school spanning multiple stages from kindergarten to high school. The university administration also points out that, in the future, CCU can offer high school students a wide range of diverse activities and camp programs, while Chiayi National Experimental High School can provide educational facilities for CCU students to intern. They hope that both institutions will grow together, cultivating a more promising educational environment.

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