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Creativity in Maker Culture, National Chung Cheng University Promotes 3D and AR Technology With Chiayi City Government

Technology exists everywhere in our daily lives, which increases the demand for advocating technological education. In order to promote tech-maker education, CCU AI Robot Maker Space joined hands with Chiayi City Government and held the AI Maker Workshop. This workshop will start from the basics of 3D models and gradually guide students to understand the multiple uses of 3D printing technology. The workshop will also allow students to design and make their own 3D printing objects. Students can even merge their objects with AR (augmented reality) technology and add virtual effects. Through this act, students can learn about innovative technology in a more vibrant and enjoyable way.

In courses, students will slowly understand the process of 3D printing. This process includes figure modeling, material slicing and object printing. Apart from observing the process, CCU AI Robot Maker Space mentioned that students can turn their designs into actual objects in lessons and personally experience the wonders of 3D printing technology. CCU Maker Space Director Pao-Ta Yu said: “The courses not only cultivate students’ creativity and thinking process, they also inspire students’ imagination and allow them to create unique projects inspired by their daily lives.” By observing and finding inspiration nearby, students can discover the details and features hidden within and further incorporate these elements into their own designs.

The innovations of this year’s workshop extend beyond the aforementioned features. CCU Maker Space mentioned, they specifically merged AR technology into their courses. This allows them to teach students to use Meta Spark when designing actual objects and create more interaction with the virtual space. The act of connecting reality with imagination can create a brand new sphere of technology application, while nurturing students’ creativity and designing skills. The workshop hopes to grant students with abilities of using advanced technology efficiently and solving problems effortlessly.

During the workshop, a segment of it will be dedicated to the Makers’ Seminar. It will be a platform for students to convey their creativity and skills by storytelling. CCU Maker Space said, the interactions and communication between students can help provoke more innovative ideas, while encouraging intergenerational and interdisciplinary cooperation.

“By integrating Makers’ movement with technological practices, we hope to encourage students to show more potential and creativity in constructing, designing and creating.” said Pao-Ta Yu. Through parent-child cooperation, the courses allow both adults and kids to find joy in tech-maker education. The center hopes by organizing this workshop, they can motivate students to actually construct their imagination into reality and experience hands-on practices. CCU Maker Space pointed out, they will keep working on building more innovative curriculums regarding technology, while offering a variety of lessons. Their goal is to ignite the passion for learning in students’ hearts and advocate the importance of tech-maker education. By implementing their plans in communities, they wish to become a new force of innovating technology education in Taiwan.

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