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Ming-Guang Culture and Education Foundation encourages students in National Chung Cheng University with scholarships


In order to encourage the young generation of improving themselves in their own fields and have an impact on the society, Ming-Guang Culture and Education Foundation has awarded scholarships for students in National Chung Cheng University (CCU) for the past 15 years. In this year, Li-Yuan Chen, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Ming-Qi Xu, from the Department of Electrical Engineering were awarded by Ming-Guang Culture and Education Foundation for their excellent grades, learning attitude and brilliant performance, and each received a scholarship of 120,000 NT dollars. The scholarship was awarded by Gou-Hui Zhuang, chairman of the foundation.

Li-Yuan Chen, who is currently a third-year student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, mentioned that the main purpose of studying in this department is to make the flying machine. Since the field of Mechanical Engineering is quite large, he is still learning the basic skills, but during the two and a half years of studying, he gradually has a concept of how to use what you've learned to fulfill your goals in the future. Li-Yuan Chen is focusing on completing the research of wireless control motors and is more interested in in-depth study in areas related to aircraft such as heat flow and automatic control. The faculty in Engineering College pointed out that Li-Yuan Chen was exempted from applying for student loans because he successively received several scholarships such as the Freshman and Presidential Award during his college years, and this scholarship will be used as a tuition for his future master's and doctoral studies.

Ming-Qi Xu from the Department of Electrical Engineering not only worked hard in his free time, but also seized the opportunity to ask seniors and teachers. He is particularly fall in love with coding. After graduating from high school, he chose to study in the Department of Electrical Engineering in CCU. During his studies, he often participated in coding competitions held in the school and even got good grades in those competitions. In addition, Ming-Qi Xu not only actively chooses the courses he is interested in, but also participates in the extra courses provided by the teacher and seizes the opportunity to interact with the teacher after class and asks questions after classes. The faculty of Engineering stated that because of his outstanding performance, he also won the school’s Principal Award, and his attitude of study are a model for his classmates. Thus, he was also awarded the scholarship from Ming-Guang Culture and Education Foundation.

The Ming-Guang Culture and Education Foundation Scholarship was established to commemorate the founder of Far East Machinery company and the founder, Jun-Ming Zhuang, of Factory Automation Technology company. Since 2008, in order to have a contribution back to local society in Chiayi, the foundation has awarded outstanding students every year for 15 years and encouraged students to stay in the field of Machinery. The College of Engineering of CCU pointed out that the professors of the Department of Mechanical Engineering have had close relationship with local enterprises such as Far East Machinery company, Factory Automation Technology company, FEMCO Steel Technology and other local enterprises for many years. In addition to several industry-academy cooperation projects, they also visit those local enterprises to help solve the machine operation problems, and implement the university social responsibility (USR).

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