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Promoting the Development of Medical Care and Cultural Education in the Local Area, National Chung Cheng University Signs Agreements with Chi Mei Medical Center, Tzu Chi General Hospital, and Chia-Yi Christian Hospital


To promote the establishment of a post-baccalaureate medical program and cultivate clinical medical education, National Chung Cheng University (CCU) recently held a "Teaching Hospital Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony," signing agreements with Chi Mei Medical Foundation Chi Mei Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, and Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital. In the future, CCU will effectively utilize the technology, equipment, and resources of the three hospitals through collaborative efforts. After establishing the post-baccalaureate medical program, the parties will mutually support each other in medical care, education, and research, hoping to elevate the quality of healthcare and education in the Yunlin-Chiayi area, and inject new vitality into the local medical industry by nurturing talented professionals."

Earlier today, CCU held the first meeting of the preparatory committee for the Medical College and Post-baccalaureate Medical Program in 2023. During the meeting, in addition to a progress report by the Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Committee and the Director of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cheng-I Lee, representatives from Chi Mei Hospital, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, and Chia-Yi Christian Hospital were also invited to provide professional opinions on the overall planning and curriculum of the Post-baccalaureate Medical Program. Furthermore, CCU President  Fong, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital President Lai, Chiayi Christian Hospital President Yao, and Chi Mei Hospital Associate Dean of Education Chen signed the teaching hospital cooperation agreement jointly.

CCU President Zhang-Hua Fong stated that the launch of the post-baccalaureate medical program at CCU will involve cooperation with three local hospitals in Chiayi and Tainan. This collaboration aims to ensure appropriate channels for medical education resources, including teaching and research, medical services, equipment, and space for professional training. The collaboration may even involve the employments of doctors and physician-led teaching. He added, after the establishment of the post-baccalaureate medical program, CCU hopes to leverage the abundant clinical experience and equipment resources of the collaborating hospitals to provide practical training courses for medical students. In addition to cultivating their clinical skills, differential diagnosis of clinical symptoms, and communication abilities, we also aim to equip medical students with respect for the professionalism and a sense of responsibility toward patients.

The government has been actively promoting the Chiayi Science Park in the past few years, with a special emphasis on developing industries related to precision health, elderly care, and assistive devices. CCU has distinguished itself in these areas with its impressive research and teaching capabilities, particularly in fields such as aging healthcare, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and optoelectronics. The CCU administration has announced that it plans to submit the application for establishing a post-baccalaureate program in medicine by the end of January. If the application is eventually approved, this initiative would not only shoulder the responsibility of cultivating local medical talent but also effectively drive regional development.

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