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HP Inc. Donates Drop Tower Impact System to Chung Cheng University


National Chung Cheng University (CCU) got the donation, the highest level of CEAST 9350 Drop Tower Impact System from HP Inc. Taiwan, to improve the education environment of Taiwan. The donation ceremony will be held on October 26th, 2022. Mr. Shipsheep Cheng, Vice President, Head of Commercial System Development Engineering, HP Inc. Taiwan states that HP Inc. has always spared no effort to cultivate scientific and technological talents. The company believes that providing students with the best education is the most effective support for the entire technology industry. During the donation ceremony, Dr. Zhang-Hua Fong, the President of National Chung Cheng University would present a certificate of appreciation to the representative of HP Inc., VP Shipsheep Cheng.

Over years, HP Inc. is aimed to become the most sustainable PC brand company in the world and consistently takes actions to promote professional skills and support talented engineers in the technology industry. HP Inc. Taiwan VP Shipsheep Cheng specifically recognizes the efforts and achievements of the CCU in the aspect of cultivating talented young mechanical engineers. He also shared the achievement and experience of WIT (Women in Tech), Sustainability and AI (Artificial Intelligent) at HP Inc. Taiwan. HP Inc. Taiwan expects to establish a diverse multi-cultural environment in the engineering fields and creates various career channels for talented young engineers.

The CEAST 9350 is a floor standing impact system with high-performance test frames and powerful belt drive motor system. As the premier model in the CEAST 9300 series, this versatile instrument can be used to test anything from composites to finished products, and is suitable for a range of impact applications including Compression After Impact (CAI), tensile impact, puncture, Izod, and Charpy.

Professor Pai-Chen Lin, Chair of CCU Department of Mechanical Engineering indicated that there are about 120 new students enrolled in the Department annually. These newly enrolled students will not only have regular courses in the classroom, but also receive hands-on trainings practices. Although these trainings are fairly basic with very limited resources, the Department is still committed to deliver high-quality trainings to all students. It is very nice that HP Inc. realized the challenges that CCU faces and has confidence in CCU’s efforts to maximize the usage of limited resources. Professor Lin sincerely appreciated that HP Inc. Taiwan makes this donation to enhance CCU’s learning environment so as to our teaching quality. It is believed that once the equipment is settled in CCU, the educational facilities will be improved which will be definitely beneficial to all students. 

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