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5 teachers recognized with the CCU Excellent Teaching Award for their enthusiasm in igniting students’ learning potentials

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To make students take a fancy to study and take the initiative to enrich their abilities more willingly has always been the goal to teachers in their teaching. Chung Cheng University (CCU) recently announced that five CCU faculty members, Professor Hong-Yu Chu from the Department of Physics, Associate Professor Shu-Yung Wang from the Department of Social Welfare, Professor Yong-Song Chen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor Chia-Ching Cho from the Department of Accounting and Information Technology, and Associate Professor Yung-Chou Chen from the Department of Athletic Sports, were its winners of the Excellent Teaching Award of the 109 academic year. The five teachers are all student-oriented, they strive to improve the content of teaching allowing the practicality to be in consistency with the theory, as well as encouraging teachers and students to learn from each other.

\"Making questions difficult to answer to fail students shouldn\'t be the purpose of the test or examination. The purpose of teaching is to help students acquire knowledge.\" Professor Hong-Yu Chu from the Department of Physics pointed out that the learning ability and attitude of students at the beginning of the new semester is the results of their previous learning experience, however, the transformation in learning ability and attitude of students at the end of the semester is the score of the teaching performance of teachers. In order to cope with the changes in times and to encourage students to learn more independently, Professor Chu applies dual-track approach in his teaching. By such approach, under the guidance of Chu, in only four semesters, the first-year undergraduate students could be transformed into professional scientists with excellent ability to conduct self-motivated research. In addition, Chu has led students to join the competition in the national conference of Physics Education Society, R.O.C. (PESROC) before, and helped students win many awards in that event.

\"Social welfare is not just about the well-being of the people, it also deals with the issues on justice and fairness, identity recognition, and the civil rights.\" This is the teaching philosophy of Associate Professor Shu-Yung Wang from the Department of Social Welfare. In her teaching, she focuses on problem-oriented thinking, social practices and multi-dimensional interactive strategies. Professor Wang creates a cross-domain learning environment to cultivate students\' 4C abilities on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and to arouse interest towards independent learning. Through teaching planning, Wang not only popularizes the difficult knowledge into easily understood information, but also takes good uses of current social affairs and the teaching assistive devices of high technology, to encourage students to take part in social practices to realize what they have learnt in the class.

Professor Yong-Song Chen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering always encourages his students to develop the habit of taking notes by hand. He believes that writing down what have in mind while doing brain storming will benefit the later revising process and help students to refresh the content from the previous study more efficiently. In his teaching, Professor Chen combines current events and hands-on applications to allow students to undergo a goal-directed learning and better understand the relevance between course content and the real life. Chen also uses the in-class quiz often 5 minutes before finishing the class to evaluate the learning effects of his students. The results then will be treated as a reference to improve next teaching to help students absorb better what they failed to understand in the previous teaching.

Associate Professor Chia-Ching Cho from the Department of Accounting and Information Technology always dedicates himself to non-discriminatory teaching and making sure that the students’ learning outcomes will be improved. It is the consistent faith in Cho’s teaching career. From syllabus planning, learning material preparation, classroom performance, to after-school tutoring, he fully expects himself, with his best efforts, to create an enjoyable environment to cater for the needs of all students in every class. Professor Cho values creative teaching, the teaching approach combining with current events, and case competitions, he assumes these will inspire students with high learning interest. Cho’s achievements in implementing digital technology to assist teaching and enhance students’ performance in his class are significant.

Associate Professor Yung-Chou Chen from the Department of Athletic Sports has a strong belief in physical education. Professor Chen encourages students to understand, to give a try, to learn to appreciate, to love and to develop personal interests and execution abilities on various sports, as well as building up a lifelong exercise habits. Chen often reminds himself to show kindness and empathy to his greatest extension, to help students acquire useful and usable professional skills. In Chen’s teaching, he asks students to be punctual, to dress appropriately and be aware of the proper cell phone etiquette and other student codes of conduct. During the 2019 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, Professor Chen integrated the theory and the practicality of sports marketing management, organizing students to prepare for various kinds of competitions to help improve their leadership and professional competence.

CCU stated that every year, five teachers out of CCU faculty members with outstanding teaching performance will be presented the Excellent Teaching Award, in the hope to encourage other teachers to continuously innovate their teaching to improve the quality of CCU students’ learning outcomes.

Release Time  /  2021-07-01

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