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Dr. Ching-Che Chung, the first professor from Chung Cheng University recognized with the IEET Distinguished Teaching Award

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In the announcement of the 2021 IEET Distinguished Teaching Award winners launched by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, (IEET) a while ago, Professor Ching-Che Chung of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), Chung Cheng University (CCU), has been listed by the organization as one of the awardees due to his excellent teaching achievement. Professor Chung has been striving to flip the traditional teaching model for many years. Chung often makes good use of the task and problem solving practices in the classroom and the social media activities after the class to interact with students as well as helping students seek answers against questions, to enhance their motivation in learning. The recognition of Chung’s teaching efforts in bettering the learning environment for students has eventually made him one of the only 10 university teachers in Taiwan praised by IEET Educational Development Committee members this year. Professor Chung is the first CCU teacher to receive such honor.

To improve the quality of the education in engineering sector and the science and technology sector nationally, IEET has presented IEET Distinguished Teaching Award biennially since 2015 to honor exemplar teachers on the outcomes-based teaching in engineering education. This year, all applications for the award competition from various universities were submitted to IEET in March. After the preliminary selection processed by the IEET Educational Development Committee, a total of 16 award nominees were chosen to enter the next stage to deliver a presentation. And finally, 10 standing-out exemplars were presented the IEET Distinguished Teaching Award in the 2021 competition, at the IEET’s General Assembly.

According to CCU College of Engineering, Professor Chung has many years of experience with outstanding results in producing e-learning courses. In addition to preparing teaching videos for students to conduct self-learning, Chung has also implemented the concept of ‘flipped classroom’ teaching in all his courses in recent years, making good use of class time for the teacher-student interaction. \"I believe that doing assignment in class can help students to improve their learning outcomes.\" Professor Chung said that when students are willing to complete the tasks by themselves in class, with the stand-by supports from teacher and teaching assistant responding to the needs of students, a positive learning vibe through classroom discussion can be then formulated to improve learning effects.

In the circuit designing related courses for the graduate students, Professor Chung uses an online interactive platform with the questions designed in each class to guide students to understand the unknown or confused information that has been induced in the problem solving process. The hands-on tasks for students to put what they have leant in use are also arranged in the class. CCU College of Engineering pointed out that every week, Chung will flexibly apply tools such as the synchronous and asynchronous online teaching approaches, online interactive platform and hands-on practice in combination to help students to improve their learning performance when taking e-learning courses. In addition to that, Chung also runs an online community after class to answer questions in relation to course content and hands-on assignments from students at any time. Such communication platform has become a friendly learning environment where students are more willingly to ask questions and can possibly be given immediate feedbacks, without being limited by space and time.

Professor Chung came to CCU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering 14 years ago. In addition to the courses specifically orchestrated for the undergraduate students, such as engineering mathematics, digital electronics, etc., he also provides circuit designing and mathematics related courses such as digital integrated circuit design, the introduction to very-large-scale integration (VLSI) design, advanced digital integrated circuit design, etc., to students from other academic levels. CCU College of Engineering stated that for all these years, Professor Chung has always dedicated himself to course planning and been seeking solutions to optimize his teaching model to help better student’s learning performance. In his teaching career at CCU, Chung has also been recognized with the CCU Excellent Teaching Award for his efforts in making course design and learning effects assessment to be in line with the principle of Outcomes-Based Education.

IEET is the first education accreditation agency recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan as the window for contacts in issues related to the accreditation of educational programs that meet international standards, on engineering, information engineering, technology, architectural education and design, etc. So far, nearly 600 departments from more than 80 universities and colleges, have joined in IEET as the accredited members. CCU College of Engineering disclosed that the degree programs from its five departments have now all entered and passed the third phase of reviewing process for accreditation. Among them, the programs from departments of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Communications Engineering have even obtained a 6-year term of validity for their accreditation. It is an honorable achievement to those departments and their programs as very few members in IEET have ever been accredited for such long validity period.

Release Time  /  2021-05-28

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