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Current criminal affairs drew attention, CCU Department of Criminology listed No.1 in the Top 100 Most Inquired University Department Rankings on

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In recent years, owing to the constant broadcastings of major criminal cases, popular social realistic TV dramas, and the occasional judicial interpretations by Grand Justices of the Judicial Yuan, the issues over criminal activities and social justice have been brought out under the spot light into public eyes and caused discussions in the community more commonly than ever. Such phenomenon might have contributed to the result allowing the Department of Criminology of Chung Cheng University (CCU) to be the No.1 in the Top 100 Most Inquired University Department Rankings on website. Professor Tzu-Hsing Cathy Chen, Director of CCU Department of Criminology, explained that the study curriculum of the Department covers the topics across domestic violence, mental health, police and law enforcement, drug abuse prevention, stalking and harassment, and the prevention of sexual assaults. All high school students in Taiwan are welcome to enroll with the Department to pursue the knowledge on social security, criminal justice system and other relevant subjects.

According to CCU Department of Criminology, the findings of the Top 100 Most Inquired University Department Rankings has only been launched by the website recently. The Rankings came from the analysis based on a collection of database queries from more than 2.45 million users within a seven-month period, from September 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. And judged by the analysis of the website, the Department of Criminology further revealed that thanks to the popular TV series, movies, and animations which evolved around criminal cases, either from home or abroad, circulated among young people in the past few years, those non-eye-catching university departments in the fields of criminology, crime evidence inspection or forensic sciences have finally been turned into some interesting options for students as if such disciplines can probably provide alternative opportunities for career development with great potentials to their future.

In 2019, the Taiwanese drama \"The World Between Us\", a TV series that was co-sponsored and released by PTV, has received a great deal of viewership attracting many students and parents to issues on crime and social justice. Professor Chen assumed that the reason for CCU Department of Criminology to gain the sudden favor in the rankings of database queries on, probably also lies in the timing as many major social criminal cases and their relevant responses from the public and the judicial system occurred right in the middle of the school days of high school students before their graduation, thus triggering the later interaction on when it comes to choose the ideal disciplines to study in higher education. Those major social incidents include the Ba-wan domestic violence case, the case of Chiayi railway policeman was killed in the train, the drug addict son killed his mother, the CJCU sexually-assaulted Malaysian student murder case, etc., and on top of that, the Judicial Yuan Constitutional Interpretation No. 796 on \"Parole Abandonment\" and the Interpretation No. 799 on \"Compulsory Treatment against Sex Offenders after the jail term\", all of which were possibly the key factors leading people’s interest to the field of criminology all of sudden in recent years. Particularly, the Interpretation No. 799 that drew the most societal attention due to its connection with the CJCU international student murder case, and raised waves of disputed talks between members in the communities domestically and onto the international level, has further opened up people’s mind to debate publicly on the prevention against sexual assaults.

Professor Chen again pointed out that those cases mentioned above covers issues across domestic violence, mental health, police and law enforcement, drug abuse prevention, stalking and harassment, and the prevention of sexual assaults and other significant issues, all of which belong to the professional areas in criminology. Chen also stressed that high school students who applied to universities this year, obviously, have increasingly turned their social concerns from other issues towards crime prevention and societal security due to the wide-circulated information on current affairs through public media. That shall be able to explain why CCU Department of Criminology has jumped to the number one most inquired university department prior to the university application on the website. Professor Chen then delivered a pep talk sincerely to all students with enthusiasm in the study of criminal prevention to encourage them to join the big family of CCU Department of Criminology, and in togetherness, to contribute what have learnt to the society after they have graduated from the university.

Release Time  /  2021-05-13

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