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Striving for transformation into agro-industrial county, Chung Cheng University and Chiayi County Government work together to encourage the youth to serve at their hometown

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In order to turn the Chiayi County, with the best efforts, into a district that specializes in agricultural and industrial developments, Chiayi County Government has not only successively promoted large-scale technology parks, established the Labor and Youth Development Department at the end of last year in response to the increasing demand for manpower, but also sought a collaboration agreement with Chung Cheng University (CCU). As CCU is the only university in Taiwan has an integrated department of Labor Relations providing both undergraduate and graduate programs, and due to its local membership in Chiayi society, CCU believes that it is also the university’s responsibility to help improve local working environment. In the future, CCU promises to cooperate closely with the county government to create more internship and employment opportunities to local young people.

The finalized deal is the result of joint efforts contributed by different parties, including people from labor department of the central government, business management, local government, and the university. At the signing ceremony, the cooperation agreement was signed by CCU President Zhang-Hua Fong and Chiayi County Magistrate Chang-Liang Weng, then witnessed by Mr. Hou-Sheng Chan, the former chairman of the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan. Dr. Fong pointed out that in recent years, Chiayi County Government has actively strived to build the science park and the aerospace park, and eventually have them established in Chiayi to seal the vocational ground, for the locals and by the locals. In the meantime, CCU has been taking its role as a societal member seriously and focusing on its responsibility to continuously cultivate talents for local community, as well as assisting Chiayi county government to better the working environment to keep local talents to stay and have a career at their hometown. After the signing, a more comprehensive cooperation between the two parties is to be expected in the future.

\"CCU is the solution for the supply of talents.\" Chiayi County Magistrate Weng stated that as Chiayi County continues to expand its industrial horizons, there have been many business investment inquiries on the possibility of setting up company branches in Chiayi, thus, the demand for a bigger labor force in the future will be highly predicted. So that, in order to deal with the relevant upcoming issues on labor management, it is imperative to set up a unit such as the Labor and Youth Development Department in the government. Weng further addressed that since CCU is the place where innovative ideas are created and talents are cultivated, its Labor Relations department, with an accumulated experience of 30 years in producing rightful manpower in such field for the society, is definitely the ideal organization to guide and facilitate the operation of the county’s newly established Labor and Youth Development Department.

According to the agreement, CCU and Chiayi County Government will first construct a project platform to allow graduates from four local universities to look for suitable internship and job opportunities in Chiayi, and more, to attract other local young people who are based outside to return to their homelands. Secondly, teachers of CCU Department of Labor Relations are set to help promote the educational and research programs on local labor relations related issues, as well as improving the organization management and governance of local trade unions by providing the internal training courses of labor awareness, labor force management, and human resources management to local enterprises and unions. Though CCU Department of Labor Relations is assigned to be the first unit to work on this cooperation, Dr. An-Hsiang Wang, Dean of CCU College of Social Sciences, mentioned that the key to successfully persuade young people to have a long-term stay in Chiayi also relies on other strong academic supports regarding social welfare, psychological counseling, political participation, media literacy, etc. Theoretically, when the cooperative plan moves further into a different stage in the future, there will be a great chance for CCU to gradually expand its collaboration relationship with Chiayi County Government, from labor relations into other fields involving with the College of Social Sciences.

CCU Department of Labor Relations was founded 30 years ago, it has witnessed the surging labor movement and takes labor issues as its core focus in teaching and research conducts in the department. CCU revealed that the Department of Labor Relations cultivates more than 200 students every year. It has graduates working for areas across the public sector, NGO organizations, trade unions, the industrial human resources departments, and so on. The teachers from the department collectively have expertise with professional academic backgrounds in law, human resources, labor relations, occupational safety and health, and labor policies. In the past, they once moved from pillar to post to strive for a better working environment, therefore have had a reputed record in making the voice of pushing for the labor system reform in Taiwan heard by the public and the government.

In addition to the researches on domestic labor issues, teachers of CCU Department of Labor Relations would also seek opportunities for students to broaden their world view. They have taken students to Geneva to attend meetings to have a first-hand experience as observers in the International Labour Conference is one of the examples. This time in the annual cerebration for the Department of Labor Relations, Mr. Luc Cortebeeck, a Belgian citizen and the most representative former chairman of the International Labour Organization, was even invited to give a keynote speech. \"I hope to open up students\' imaginations over international labor affairs without been confined to the mentality as a citizen on an island country, Taiwan. More, through this opportunity to better understand the direction of labor issues to a global standard.\" Professor Li-Chuan Liuhuang, Chairman of CCU Department of Labor Relations said.

Recently, Mr. Yi-han Chen, Director of the Labor and Youth Development Department of Chiayi County Government, was invited to give a speech at CCU Department of Labor Relations. The speech turned out to be a great success bringing out many talks over employment situations in Chiayi county from students of the university, and a wonderful chance for the CCU department to put forward the idea of forming a cooperation relationship with Chiayi County Government, right on the 30th anniversary of the Department of Labor Relations. CCU stated that for either local young people from Chiayi or students who came to Chiayi to study, CCU will do its best to encourage these young talents to stay and work in Chiayi areas, and to achieve that goal together with Chiayi County Government in the future.

Release Time  /  2021-04-30

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