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2021 CCU Academic Research Awards, 12 faculty members were recognized by their outstanding research achievements

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In the post-pandemic era, while the global industries and the world economy all have been heavily affected by the disease outbreaks, the faculty members of Chung Cheng University (CCU) remain to keep their focus on the soft power development and continuously strive to achieve greatly in both industrial and academic fields. The research outcome of hyperspectral imaging and intelligent identification system moving into the industry, the breakthroughs in optical memory technology recognized through the international journals, and the succeeding research and development on the platform for rapid screening of sepsis inflammatory cytokines, etc., are some the examples to showcase the impressive results generated by CCU professionals. In order to honor teachers for their outstanding performance in academic research, technology transfer, and industry-university cooperation, CCU presented the awards to winners of the 2021 Chair Professor of the Year, the Outstanding Distinguished Professor in Research, the Outstanding Research Award, and the Young Scholar Award at the 2021 CCU Academic Research Awards ceremony. A total of 12 teachers have received the recognition.

According to the announcement from CCU, the 2021 Chair Professor of the Year Award went to Professor Wen-Kung Chang of Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor Eldon Y. Li of Department of Information Management. Professor Chang specializes in the fields of power systems, power quality, renewable energy and smart grids. His research findings can effectively predict possible failures of power equipment to avoid economic losses caused by power outages. Currently Professor Chang serves as the senior editor-in-chief for the internationally renowned journal, the convener of the Transmission and Distribution Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), and the chief reviewer and convener of the System Integration project of the Green Energy Technology Joint R&D Office under the supervision of Department of Foresight and Innovation Policies, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Professor Eldon Y. Li is the founder and director of CCU Graduate Institute of Information Management. Up to date, he has published more than 300 papers or articles in domestic and foreign journals, and at numerous academic conferences. His research covers e-commerce, service innovation, decision-making systems, IT strategic planning and its impact on humanistic environment, software engineering, total quality management, information management, business management, etc. In addition to fruitful research results, Professor Li also serves as the honorary chairman of the American International Commerce of Electronic Business (ICEB), the editor-in-chief of seven international journals, and the editorial advisory committeeman of five international journals.

The Outstanding Distinguished Professors Award were given to Professor Yung-Chih Kuo from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Professor Hung-Pin Lai from the Department of Economics, Professor Sheng-Ju Chan from the Graduate Institute of Education, and Professor Chun-Ju Huang from the Center of General Education. Professor Yung-Chih Kuo has been working in CCU for nearly 21 years and has achieved great innovative research results in many fields, such as the field of biomedical materials, drug delivery systems, nano-medicine, regenerative medicine, cancer treatment, tissue engineering, etc. Professor Hung-Pin Lai is currently the associate editor-in-chief of some SSCI journals, such as Empirical Economics and Journal of Productivity Analysis, and the editorial committeeman of the TSSCI journal, Taiwan Journal of Applied Economics (TJAE). Professor Lai also serves as the jointly appointed researcher of the Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, and the standing member of the Taiwan Economic Association.

As to Professor Sheng-Ju Chan, CCU mentioned that, his research mainly revolves around higher education and international education, especially with the attention to policies, systems, structures, governance, and principles. In response to the development trends and issues of society, so far, he has published more than 15 relevant research papers in top international Q1 journals. And Professor Chun-Ju Huang, who has been giving his concerns over science communication and public science education for a long time, strives to find the resonance between science and the general public through both teaching and research activities. In addition to launching books one after another, Professor Huang has been actively seeking cooperation with scholars of other countries in recent years to expand the horizons of science communication in Taiwan.

In terms of the Outstanding Research Award, Professor Hong-Yu Chu of the Department of Physics and Professor Ren-Hung Hwang of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering are the two honored receivers. Professor Chu dedicates himself to the interaction study between lasers and matter, as well as the interaction between atmospheric plasma and matter. He serves as an advisory committee member of the Physics Research Promotion Center (PRPC) and a discipline review committee member of Physics, for the Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development, MOST. He is also the review committee member of merging disciplines under the Department of Engineering and Technologies, MOST. Professor Hwang has published most of his articles in the international Q1 SCI journals. In recent years, he has won the Best Paper Award for 5 times at different international conferences. Hwang is also a globally recognized and influential scientist, serves as the president of some IEEE international conferences at least once every year.

At last, a total of 4 teachers were recognized with the Young Scholar Award. Dr. Ching-Ching Yu, the associate professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, who has been focusing on facile fucosylated human milk oligosaccharide synthesis and related research for many years. Assistant Professor Chi-Jen Wang from the Department of Mathematics is good at combining mathematics with natural sciences, demonstrating his ability in cross-domain applications and cooperation. Associate Professor Shao-Yu Lien of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has received a number of IEEE research awards in the past, and three IEEE journal papers have been listed as the ESI Highly Cited Paper. Assistant Professor Chien-Chung Ho of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering mainly focuses on the research development of the embedded systems. In recent years, Ho has also begun to explore cross-domain integration issues, and has his relevant research publication been awarded with the Best Research Paper of the Year by the top international conferences in this field.

\"Research findings is the result of the accumulated efforts, bit by bit. Therefore, winning awards is never an easy task.\" said CCU President Zhang-Hua Fong. Dr. Fong expects the winning teachers to continue their work persistently, and hopes CCU could come up with more benefits in the future to encourage teachers to pursue their causes in research.

Release Time  /  2021-04-19

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