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College of Management at Chung Cheng University and E.SUN Financial Holding Company signed agreement to welcome the funding of the E.SUN Academic Award to help motivate top academic researchers

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Talents are the key to a nation’s competitiveness against others. In order to create a better research and teaching environment and support more outstanding teachers, the College of Management from Chung Cheng University (CCU) and E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (E.SUN FHC) signed to establish the E.SUN Academic Award at CCU, on the 18th of March this year. In the future, for the faculty members of the College of Management, whoever have published papers in Top 3 international journals associated with their particular research fields will be awarded with funds ranging from a half million to 1 million NT dollars. CCU College of Management expects to stimulate high-end academic research in the university through the cooperation between the two parties, and with the joint efforts to cultivate more outstanding talents on business management in Taiwan.

Over the years, CCU College of Management has been committed to cultivating talents on international business management and innovation entrepreneurship. It has not only developed professional courses and cross-field training programs, but also established the systematic mechanism for issues over student learning effectiveness, the international link, and the integration of varies cooperations between industries, governments, universities and research laboratories. And recently in this year, after obtaining the certification awarded by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) again, the CCU College of Management has decided to cooperate with E.SUN Financial Holdings to welcome the set-up of \"E.SUN Academic Award\" onto the campus, becoming one of the 11 member universities covered by this Award organization in Taiwan.

For the better academic performance and to encourage teachers to actively engage with cross-field and international collaborative research, CCU College of Management has had its reward regulations for outstanding research achievements announced and implemented since 2001. And in the past five years, there were 107 SSCI journal papers, 11 SCI journal papers and 4 TSSCI journal papers, with their creators had been rewarded through this system. CCU College of Management stated that the E.SUN Academic Award agreement signed with E.SUN Financial Holdings this time shall remain in force for five years. This new establishment is expected to stimulate teachers from the College of Management to dedicate themselves to research, and in the meantime, to encourage the collaboration between senior and young teachers under the veteran-newbie buddy system to further the depth and width in their research and the inheritance of experience, enhancing the College’s academic influence.

CCU College of Management also pointed out that the \"E.SUN Academic Award\" covers the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, information management, operations management, organization management, etc. Based on different business management categories, it rewards teachers who have successfully published papers in TOP 3 international journals of their associated fields. And whether the authorship status in the paper is a solo author, the first author or the author in other position, respectively, a reward ranging from NT$500,000 to 1 million will be granted to the receivers accordingly.

As the young scholars are a vital force in sustainable research operations, CCU College of Management promised that, in the future, it will give out its full support continuously to young scholars towards research, teaching and their living conditions, to create a better research environment for these academia rising stars.

Release Time  /  2021-03-18

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