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Indian centennial enterprise cooperates with university in Taiwan for the first time, supporting Indian students at Chung Cheng University to promote cricket sport

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On the 12th of April, the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) held a ceremony at the baseball court to celebrate the cooperation with and to acknowledge a donation by an Indian centennial enterprise, the Tata Consultancy Services Co., Ltd. CCU stated that it is the first time for the Tata Consultancy Services to form a cooperation with a university in Taiwan, and the company has especially provided a funding to CCU Indian students to establish a cricket team hoping to have the sport deeply rooted in CCU and flourished from the campus to the wider public. In the future, both parties plan to set up a collaboration lab to further deepen the relationship between Taiwan and India.

\"For Indians, the cricket sport is a kind of beliefs.\" said by Pawar Shubham Nitin, an Indian graduate student from CCU Business Administration Department. He explained that the cricket was introduced to India during the British colonial period. Simply with a striking board, a ball and a spacious open area, people can almost play cricket anytime and anywhere. CCU stated that currently there are 32 Indian students in the university, and in the last year’s visit to CCU, when the Tata Consultancy Service Company learned about those Indian students would gather together to play cricket from time to time, the company decided to provide a fund to the student team to support the development of cricket in Taiwan. That donation has triggered the start of bilateral cooperation between the Tata Company and CCU.

The donation of 150,000 TWD given by the Tata Consultancy Services will be used to help CCU Indian students establish a cricket club in the university, organize cricket matches and purchase cricket related sports equipment and jerseys or uniforms from India. With the assistance from the CCU Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on AI, the CCU Student Cricket Club has now passed its first stage in the application reviewing process. Pawar Shubham Nitin disclosed that CCU Indian students usually practice cricket every week and Taiwanese students sometimes participate in the game. It is expected that the set-up of the CCU Cricket Club will not only function as the home-seeking reminiscent center for the most famous sport in their homeland to bring those Indian students together, but also bridge the friendship between students with different ethnic background in CCU, especially for the Indian and Taiwanese students.

Tata Consultancy Services, a subsidiary of India\'s largest industrial group \"the Tata Group\", is a world-leading company specializing on software services. Its Taiwan branch was established in 1999 as then the first Indian IT service provider in Taiwan. CCU Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on AI marked that due to the friendly learning environment at CCU, and in recent years, the great results generated from varies projects such as the international teacher-student exchanges, off-site research programs, and the establishment of industry-academic master program on AI, CCU has been spotted and favored by Tata Consultancy Services with intent to jointly develop the industry-university cooperation on natural sciences, engineering and management, and the settings of an exclusive research laboratory.

At the donation ceremony, a special friendly cricket match was also held for CCU Indian students to demonstrate how to play the cricket game to a group of senior people from the local \"Minhsiung Action Class for The Elderlies\". There was no surprise that the laughter then was caught out from everyone by such a new experience in this short match constantly. \"Cricket is a sport that everyone can participate regardless if you are from Taiwan or India.\" Pawar Shubham Nitin said. CCU Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on AI further pointed out that through this face-to-face interaction between Indian students and local people, the Center hopes such activity will also help encourage more cultural exchanges between Taiwan and India.

Besides, the \"AI Human Skeleton Model Analysis System\" has also been launched by CCU Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on AI at the ceremony. The technology is expected to deliver the quantitative analysis accurately aiming at the postures and movements of the athletes, and give out useful advices for improvement at the same time. In addition to the use of precision training for athletes, the system can also be used for behavioral analysis on Parkinson\'s disease, rehabilitation treatments, outdoor crowd flow studies and brawl incidents, etc. This CCU technology now has been in the process of forming the industry-academia cooperation with interested parties from India and Taiwan.

Release Time  /  2021-04-12

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