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CCU Sets Up the Bamboo Industry Consortium and Boost New Bamboo Economy

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For the bamboo forest in Chia-Yi accounts for the highest coverage in Taiwan, CCU has been promoted “Bamboo-Charcoal Project” from last year and developed many kinds of “bamboo” application. On 28th, June, CCU even took a lead in establishing “Bamboo-Charcoal Industry-Academia Consortium” to gather the power of firms that are relevant to bamboo industry in Taiwan.

CCU held an unveiling ceremony of “Bamboo-Charcoal Industry-Academia Consortium” today. In addition to ITRI and experts and scholars at home and abroad, there were also more than 31 Taiwanese firms invited to join the consortium.

Besides of providing the latest information of bamboo industry, promoting business matching, analyzing and counseling, the consortium assists with solving technological problem and marketing promotion as well, which would be helpful for technological innovation of bamboo charcoal, integration of core techniques and expand the business market.

“Bamboo in Chia-Yi accounts for the highest coverage in Taiwan and the bamboo industry was prosperous in the past,” said Dr. Shi-Ming Huang, the Dean of Research and Development of CCU. More and more bamboo forest had been disposed as the bamboo industry in Chia-Yi declined, which would cause environmental problems if we just put it aside. As a result, CCU regards bamboo as the core and integrates our teachers to develop “Bamboo-Charcoal Project”, which makes the placemaking of the whole industry chain complete.

CCU takes advantage of nanotechnology to research and develop bamboo charcoal purification technology. Not only planning to build experimental fields at Mailiao Township, Yunlin County, Dongshi Township, Chiayi County and Annan Dist., Tainan City, we are also negotiating for small-scale experimental cooperation with the dealers of fish farm in Annan Dist. CCU even built an on-campus “bamboo charcoal basement”, which is the only bamboo charcoal mechanical kiln among all colleges in Taiwan.

“Bamboo-Charcoal Project” has been quite productive in not only technological aspect but also cultural, educational and marketing ones. The team of “Bamboo-Charcoal Project” in CCU is applying for World Bamboo Organization actively and hope to promote local bamboo industry in Taiwan to the whole world. Wu, Fang-Ming, Deputy Magistrate of Chiayi County also said that bamboo is regarded as carbonado, so we call it as “black gold”.

Release Time  /  2018-06-28

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