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"Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day" on May 21th, we welcome you to experience the feature of Minshung local industry.

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Let's go picnicking. Since the Picnicking Economy is prevailing, people prefer preparing simple meals for picnicking outdoor than touring in departments stores or tourists attractions in recent years. A team composed of students and professors from Department of Business Administration in CCU cooperates with the government and is planning to launch "Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day" on May 21th in Phoenix Avenue on campus. Along with a series of markets for local industry and performances, the purchase is now available, including two kinds of set meals made of local Minshung ingredients. They wish this activity provides residents with a chance of taking a walk in CCU and experiencing the most precious features of Minshung.

Recently, many places gradually regard local features as parts of their treasures. The Chiayi Government released "Traveling and Jam Industry Brand Marketing Project" and commissioned Professor Chuang, one of the professors from CCU BA, along with his team, to integrate the sources, promote Minshung's beauty, and hold the "Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day" for the first time.

Many local tourists’ farms participate in Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day, in which we can discover many representative products of farmers and the designs of set meals made of local ingredients. They also invite local performers and street vendors. In order to offer a sense of pureness, two kinds of remarkable and rich set meals will be released. One of them is a shared meal for two persons, containing sweet and juicy Minshung pineapples and crispy and fresh vegetables, which is definitely worth tasting.

The host also broke the barrier between academia and business and cooperates with Janfusun Prince Hotel and hired a star-rated patissier to make high-classed western picnicking set meals like homemade Euro-style bread, light salad, pastries, james, fresh fruits and soda, etc. The host suggests that the purchase of set meals will be available until May 17th, and 200 sets in time purchases are provided. Those who want to give it a try will never going to miss it. Tens of stalls selling various local food from Chiayi and Minshung during the event will also be invited in order to provide residents with shopping chances.

Besides, the host designs many delicate activities like Geocaching and Creative Doodles. On the Picnicking day there will also be many fantastic performances including dance, magic show and guitar performance and the performance of local teams and kindergartens will take place as well, providing a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying great meals. The host also hold many drawing activities and provides hundreds of prices, inclduing iphoone SE, round trip tickets from Hong Kong, an accommodation voucher in Jan Fu Sun Prince Hotel, bicycles, and local products from Minshung.

“The feature of Minshung local industry must be experience by consumers personally and let the brand grow deeply in our mind”. Unlike any other picnicking day that was held individually in different locations, Minshung Doodle Picnicking Day put the ideal of Minshsung village mayor into practice. The CCU team suggests that most of the picnicking days are held in northern Taiwan, and none of them take place in Chiayi. We hope this picnicking day featuring local culture can become one of the most annually significant events. People who love the nature are also welcomed to experience the local industry feature.

Release Time  /  2016-04-29

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