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Shine Bright in Youth, Deny Drug Abuse

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The use of drugs has been more popular among Y generations recently. One of the clubs from CCU not only advocates the zero drug abuse concepts but hold a big event called “Shine Bright in Youth, Deny Drug Abuse” on Mothers’ Day eve, which is on May 4th. Instead of following traditional way of advocating zero drug abuse, this event is a rather innovative breakthrough. It’s held by 5 student clubs with nearly 70 students individually showing their most energetic performance in order to present the concept of “Embracing Your Youth and Avoiding Drug Abuse”, trying to encourage everybody to boycott drug abuse.

This event is usually supported by thousands of people, and is planned by CCU students anti-drug promotion club with the event called “shine bright in your youth and follow 7 steps in order to deny drug abuse” This event will be held on May 4th at 7 o’clock. 4 clubs from CCU, such as chorus, guitar club, dance club and rock band club, will bring a series of fantastic performance and dramas that contains creativity and is often related to student’s daily life, including hot issues like Ke Zhen Dong’s drug abuse and some news concerning drug abuse and some awareness of refusing use of drugs. If we give correct answers during the games in the events, we can be rewarded with prices like 16G USB, laptop backpacks, bluetooth speakers and mobile generators, and from the event we also realize the importance of refusing drug abuse.

This propaganda also emphasizes on the disadvantages of smoking. “Smoking leads to drug abuse, and when teenagers are not living in a nice environment, the next move after smoking is drug abuse” the host indicates that, according to the research, teenagers can improve the habit of using addictive substance if they don’t smoke any more, and this helps alleviate the possibilities of drug abuse. As a result, CCU anti-drug promotion group regard refusing smoking as an important method whenever they promote the anti-drug concept on junior high school campus around Chiayi cities, Chiayi counties and Yunlin counties, hoping to reduce the possibilities of teenager’s getting involved in drug abuse.
Want to know more about what second hand smoking brings about? And want is slight smoking and electric smoking, as the youngest generation we ought to know more about the harm drug abuse is likely to bring about and say no to drugs. You can expect the spiritual and knowledgeable event “Shine Bright in Youth, Deny Drug Abuse” held on May 4th night in CCU auditorium by CCU students club, stand with us to fight against drug abuse and spread our passion.

Release Time  /  2016-04-29

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