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“Three Storytellers”, an original drama, produced by Story Works will be held at auditorium On April 28th.

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“Love is a journey of constantly taking challenges. The bitterness and failure you encountered turned into the chance for you to start the next chapter of your life.” “Three Storytellers”, an original drama, produced by Story Works will be held at auditorium at 7 p.m. April 28th on CCU campus. Featuring Tu Shih-Mei, Chien Chun-Hsien, and Lin Tung-Hsu, the drama will lead the audience to see how the characters fiercely fighting to be the “Zhuge Liang”. Presented in various scenarios including court or news station and different forms of performances such as light shows, mime, and two-man skits, the drama will give the audience an amazing night by perfectly incorporating 4 famous Chinese love stories in it. The show is free of charge and open to local residents as well.

Established on December 2013, Story Works was mainly constituted by the members of Ping Fong Acting Troupe who decided to keep pursuing their dreams in acting in the light of Ping Fong announced indefinite shut-down of the production. The artist director of Story Works, Huang Chih-Kai, was the apprentice of Lee Kuo-Hsiu. Specializing in “storytelling”, Story Works further promotes creative industries and raises the awareness of appreciation in Taiwan aesthetic. To date, three dramas have been produced and they are Don Quixote, It’s hard to disclose, and Three Storytellers. Specially, Three Storytellers has been put on 39 times on the stage solely in Taipei, attracting more than 47,000 audiences. Invited by CCU The Art and Culture Center, Story Works will have Three Storytellers played for the first time on CCU campus.

“During the battle at Jinshan Temple, the White Snake surprisingly defeated Fahai. She vowed to never leave Xu Xian. Even though the White Snake did not age, Xu Xian could not fight against time. As time passed by, Xu Xian was becoming bold, toothless and age spots appeared.” In order to let the audience entirely immerse in the performance and relate to their own personal experiences, adapting the drama from commonly known love stories, Huang Chih-Kai decided to resort to a more approachable way of storytelling. He deeply believes that “a great drama can not only make you laugh but also make you think.” Via the moral lessons and life value that Three Storyteller hopes to convey to the viewers, the drama tries to ask the audience “is appearance really irrelevant when choosing your significant other, the person who will share your bed with?”

CCU The Art and Culture Center indicated that Story Works has infiltrated in people’s life through stories that could bring everyone joy and tears. While people can enjoy the show in performance hall, they are also able to connect it with real life experiences. We invite you to join the show at 7 p.m. April 28th at the auditorium and altogether explore the world of love and life. The performance is free of charge. It is recommended to arrive earlier as limited seats are available. For more information, please visit The Art and Culture Center at or dial (05)272-0411.

Release Time  /  2016-04-25

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