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Alumni of CCU Fulfills Dream of Flying

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"Man spend most of their time at work, so certainly they have to find their favorite work to do." Xue Dayou from CCU's Department of Mathematics have had the dream of being a pilot when he was in high school. He borrowed money from his family and applied for Government loans of up to 2 million NTD to obtain a pilot's license in the US. His persistence enabled him to attain the position of a pilot at EVA Airways within a short period of six months after returning from the States.
The yearn to fly and the passion for traveling has given Xue Dayou the dream of becoming a pilot since high school. If one wants to be a pilot, one has to retire from National's Air Force, training pilots or attain the pilot's license by oneself. After working for a year, as Xue Dayou failed in the recruitment of airline training pilots, he resolutely took his savings of 50 thousand and borrow money to make up 2 million, he went to the United States to achieve a pilot's license.

Recall the 13 months in the United States, the biggest pressure for Xue Dayou is worrying about not getting the license after spending so much money. He said, to obtain a pilot's license one must pass academic and physical examinations, including regulations, meteorology, directions and maps identification, wind calculations, mechanical principles, etc. The books could be stacked up to at least a meter high, but fortunately he had basic training of logic and physics when he was studying at the CCU's Department of Mathematics, which lessened his burden.

"I have received training in swimming in college, which helped me to exercise my strength to focus and strong willpower." The former captain of the school's swimming team Xue Dayou mentioned that the training he received in the team taught him to be cautious and agile when judging. Xue Dayou say that swimming is quite and independent sport, and that the training is as if challenging oneself. Furthermore, the race is against the clock, as each movement, such as diving, swimming, etc., will affect the results, starting from the point the referee fires. "Flying is similar, training myself to work independently, from pre-flight inspection, having dialogues with the tower and so on, everything has to be very cautious and near perfection."

However, during the first flight test training in the United States,Xue Dayou felt very frustrated when he made a mistake. "When I was to explain to the tower that I accidentally turned right when I was supposed to turn left, the examiner immediately cancelled the test, and told me to retake the test the next time." Xue Dayou reminded himself that pilots could not easily make mistakes; if after the turn in the wrong direction is a mountain, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Now, Xue Dayou is already an EVA Airways pilot, often flying to the United States, Canada, Germany, China and other places. From 2012, when he took the test to attain the pilot's license and returned to Taiwan was already two years ago. The admission rate of airline companies were lower in the past, but with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, he made good use of his time to take the TOEIC and Civil Aviation Authority exams immediately after he came back to Taiwan. This was why he got into the company within just six short months. 薛大猷 said: "If you failed, you will have to wait at least another four to twelve months, what's more, the airline company will look at when the interviewee applied for interview after he or she returned from training to determine the interviewee's positiveness."

"Find a job you love, and you will not think it as work." Although he still has trouble adapting to jet lags and sleeping habits despite flying for a year, Xue Dayou still enjoyed himself. Today, he returned to his alma mater, National Chung Cheng University and visited President Wu Zhiyang especially, to thank the principal and the department's professors' recommendations, giving him the chance to fulfill his dream. He encouraged juniors holding the same dream to master English, keep healthy, and get concerned about the domain of aviation. Most importantly, don't forget the original intention to maintain enthusiasm work.

Release Time  /  2014-12-08

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