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Students Pioneering to Change Media Environment

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It is up to you to decide the news' headlines on APP! Three students of CCU teamed up with other two students of Yuan Ze University (YZU) and National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) to set up a platform, "NEWS PLUS," to improve the media environment. The internet audience may vote to determine the top ten popular news daily. The concept of the platform not only allowed them to win third place at the eleventh ATCC Competition from nearly 400 teams, Yahoo was also determined to put the design in its annual plan.

"Compared to the general online news platform or APP, NEWS PLUS not only reflect public's concern, but also give people a sense of participation in deciding headlines." Li Qingya, Yang Chengyu, Zhang Boyao from CCU, Chen Zijian from NCUE, and Chen Boyu from YZU formed BIGLA to participate in ATCC to design and set "NEWS PLUS." The students would read the morning news daily, then pick about 100 pieces of news such as international affairs, lifestyle information, news, and other social issues put on "NEWS PLUS," while at the bottom of each page there's a recommending button.

BIGLA team said that when people visit "NEWS PLUS" and considering a piece of news worthy of recommendation, they can press the "recommendation" button. Before six every evening, there are five choices for each person to vote for news they think are good. Finally, the program automatically calculates the votes and announce the top ten most recommended daily news on the platform.

In order to test the feasibility of the proposal, BIGLA literally set "NEWS PLUS" through Facebook for the public to try. There were an average of 150 people using it per day during the eight-day trial, and every most-recommended headlines got votes between10 to 30. Among those are Hong Kong's Occupying Movement, food safety issues, and Ebola viruses mostly recommended.

Li Qingya, from Business and Administration Department, said: "We think recommended news and favorable news are different. Some say people like to watch news that involve sexual issues, but that's not what people really cares about." The team also found out that most people are quite concerned about health information, as among ten recommended daily news, there would be two to three stories related to health information.

Initially, in order to understand people's opinions about the media and the quality of online news media users, not only did BIGLA designed questionnaires, visited relatives and friends, they even designed programs to analyse the fan pages of Yahoo and Apple Daily News, up to about five million users, to see what types of news they share. They found out users of Apple Daily News are more concerned about international affairs, and Yahoo users often share practical life-related news. The team also conducted a survey during the trial period, referring to the feedback to improve the functions of the platform.

ATCC Competition provides issues such as the development of new customers, marketing new products by the participating enterprises, to allow college students to think and design solutions. To promote Yahoo's APP to attract young readers, BIGLA offered the concept of "NEWS PLUS," simulating and demonstrating its feasibility. It was highly praised, therefore the team got third place in the competition. The concept of the platform will be included in Yahoo's yearly plan, combining with the existing APP in the future.

Release Time  /  2014-12-31

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