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CCU Builds Water Saving System Awarded by the Economic Department

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CCU found a good way to save water, building an environmental-friendly campus! In order to avoid the waste of water, National Chung Cheng University sets the water meter to not only measure the amount of water, but also analyse the water data through the first "minimum flow of water leakage at night surveillance system." The teachers and students' habit or behavior of using water can be used to determine whether the equipment or pipeline are leaking, to stop the leaks as early as possible. CCU has passed the annual appraisal by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, becoming the only school among 59 national universities to be awarded an honorable prize for saving water.

According to school statistics, National Chung Cheng University uses about 168 liters of water per person per day in 2005, which is much higher compared to other schools using between 30 to 80 liters of water per person per day. Since 2007, besides the installation of sanitary equipment, water recycling and other related facilities, National Chung Cheng University also set up its own "automatic water-power resource control system" to supervise and control the usage of water. While vigorously promoting water conservation on campus for seven years, Chung Cheng University saved a total of about six hundren thousand tons of water, up to 7.7 million NTD.

Chung Cheng University's school ground is wide, and the land area is up to 134 hectares, often having to send the water to every building by the water line buried beneath the roads. However, the use of water pipelines for many years has caused the pipes to crack and the pipe joints unglued off due to natural deterioration, earthquakes, and pressure from natural subsidence, etc. In most cases they cannot be found visually or by checking the appearance, often resulting in a large amount of water leaking, but managers still do not know the circumstances of water loss.

Therefore, National Chung Cheng University built an "automatic water-power resource control system" in 2008, which was designed to provide water for the building, and showing analysis charts of the output of water per hour. The system can easily determine whether there are leaks in equipment or pipelines.Technician Xu Yongchang said: "most of the school buildings and equipment does not use water at 0:00 to 7:00 in the morning, so if the building during this time shows that there is an amount of water being used, then it may represent that the water system might be leaking."

This key innovations of the system was awarded by the Economic Department. In addition, as CCU's main water usage lies in restrooms, grass watering and water for the swimming pool, in order to achieve the goal of campus water conservation, National Chung Cheng University General Services pointed out that in addition to storing rainwater facilities, the school also has its own system to deal with sewage, to reuse waste water through the supplement of the lake in CCU, green land irrigation, and venues flushing purposes. The new ways of using waste water is estimated to help CCU save up to 2400 tons of water and 30,000 NTD annually.

Release Time  /  2014-12-12

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