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Prevention of Drug Abuse Educational Center Gains Funds

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Breaking the impression of drug abuse prevention, National Chung Cheng University has founded Taiwan's first "Drug Abuse Prevention Education Center" in 2012, allowing youngsters to recognize the harmful effects of drugs and know how to refuse them through enjoying interesting videos and interactive games. This year, the center once again was granted funds up to 21 million by the Ministry of Education, as they will continue to update their software and hardware space and equipment, to give full play to the anti-drug education advocacy from the perspective of education.

CCU pointed out that since drug abuse issues in the campus are gradually getting serious, and schools in other countries such as Thailand and Hong Kong are combining anti-drug propaganda with education. Looking back at Taiwan, there is only north Taiwan's anti-drug Chan Hall of Justice Investigation Bureau that shows static anti-drug information, but also because of it is a judicial institution, it is also hard to reach out to students.

To allow youngsters to know more about drugs, understanding the causes and consequences of drug abuse, National Chung Cheng University set up a "Drug Abuse Prevention Education Center" in 2012, in addition to the static exhibition that Introduces the different levels of drugs, the way and tools of smoking them, the poisoning caused to the human body and the burden it has on the community, the center has propaganda animations, games and interactive software, also pub simulation classrooms. For three years, the center has attracted many primary and secondary students in south-central of the country, as well as drug harm prevention centers, city and county education offices and other anti-drug groups, etc. The number of people is up to more than 10,000 people.

This year, CCU's "Drug Abuse Prevention Education Center"was granted 21 million by the Ministry of Education again. Due to the need to strengthen the center's space utilization, interactive educational games software and hardware devices, the school said in addition to adding more classrooms for exhibiting drug prevention knowledge, the school would invite curators, designers and other professionals to participate in the overall planning of the center space to enhance the overall visual design.

Chung Cheng University has long been concerned about drug research, drug prevention and control in recent years, not only to participate in the government's plans and the Asia-Pacific International Symposium on drugs, the school also combined with the establishment of student organizations, the nation's first anti-drug advocacy groups. The school is also looking forward to the subsidies by the Ministry of Education to have more complete hardware and software equipment planning for "education for drug abuse prevention and control center," to be an important place for the prevention and control of drug abuse, fulfilling the university's responsibility of giving contribution to the society.

Release Time  /  2014-12-19

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